Ham related events for 2021:   

  • NARL INFO NET - Every Thursday, 7:30 PM on 145.450MHz, minus 600kHz offset, pl 127.3 
  • Next monthly general meeting will be held June 13 2022 via Zoom.  Contact wv1x@arrl.org to be added to the zoom invitation.
  • Jan 2022 - Please submit your dues. See details on how to include family members and/or renew your ARRL dues at the same time by downloading the membership application PDF from the "Membership" tab at left
  • NARL public service events this year included
    Lucy Robbins Welles Library 5K race
  • The NARL club is not holding its own ARRL Field Day site for 2022.
  • Non-NARL events in coming up in 2022
    • New England Ham Expo (formerly Boxboro hamfest), mid- August
    • Nutmeg Hamfest, October-Nov
    • Winlink Wednesdays (ctares.groups.io)

ublirvice Events, communications provided by NARL

The Newington Amateur Radio League (NARL) is a local non-profit organization that provides as a public service, free of charge, volunteers for communications.  In the recent past, we have provided comms for charity walks and races, bike and motorcycle rides, outdoor events and parades. 

Why ask for ham radio operators for your event?

  • Some towns now require or recommend that event plans include ham radio for backup communications
  • If the event venue has poor cell coverage (ham radios have more power and better antennas, don't rely on cell towers)
  • If attendance will be so large that cell subscribers won't get dial tone (if thousands of spectators reach for their phones at the same time, the local cell towers will overload)
  • If your event leaders will be too busy to answer their phones (hams are trained to "shadow" leaders and free them from the burden of working phones and walkie-talkies)
  • If the event covers a large area (normal handi-talkies only work line-of-sight, while hams can use repeaters or skywaves.)
  • If interoperability is necessary (ham radios are open transmissions that everyone can hear)
  • You need volunteers who are trained to interface with Incident Commanders from all the major first responders
  • Our services are absolutely free of charge, as required by law
  • You are helping us by giving us an occasion to test our equipment and practice our skill and art

Please contact president@narl.net several months in advance of your event to allow for proper planning.